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Paul Mars Black is one of those rare musicians whose very life creates and is created by the music in the world around him. Known for legendary shows, whether in front of 50,000 fans on Busan Beach, Korea or 500 people in a nightclub in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he fills the stage with fun, energy and enthusiasm. 


Black’s raspy voice, dark lyrics and catchy hooks have gained him loyal fans in a variety of genres. Being schooled in multiple instruments, along with vocals, allows him to jump from drums to guitar to piano to yes, even ukulele, when the need arises.

Paul is best known as the original singer songwriter for L.A. Guns and wrote hit songs that were featured on the first two debut albums on Polygram records. His drumming was featured in early 80s punk bands including The Mau Maus Scorched Earth Policies and The Joneses, Keeping Up With The Joneses albums. 


In recent years Paul has toured the world and received favorable press in Rolling Stone, Spin, Italian Vogue, Guitar World and Classic Rock Magazine.


Paul has worked extensively as a producer in his own studio, Black City Records, developing projects for artists such as Zack and Cody (Disney Channel), Cherie Curry (Runaways), and Wayne Kramer (MC5) and along side noted industry talent such as Jack Douglas (Aerosmith) Steve Thompson (Guns N’Roses, Korn) and Robbie Kreiger (The Doors). 


He recently finished recording a new Sonic Boom album to follow the release of singles Everybody Rains on My Parade and Tree for Shade. Their previous album was described as full of bluesy moods, slide guitar and easy-going rock.


Paul has expanded his talents into the world of composing for film and television and finds the work to be a rewarding challenge. Both his lyrical and instrumental scores have been featured in a variety of genres and he has numerous projects on the horizon.


PMB Headshot Ivy Ney BW

"Singer Paul Black is not only one of the coolest ‘rock star type guys’ on the circuit, but he also happens to be a first-rate songwriter. Along with penning many of the hits that raised L.A. Guns to stardom, Paul also helped in shaping the future of punk rock, garage rock and glam with his involvement in punk talents The Maus Maus and Hollywood trash gods The Joneses. He also etched his own path in blues music by fronting Black Cherry and pairing with talents like Jo Dog of Dogs D’Amour to form the feel good band Sonic Boom."

-L.A. Weekly

“An excellent front man, and one of the most unique I’ve ever seen. Black twirls and whirls on stage, and relates to the audience like a cross between a snake charmer and a ringmaster at feeding time. Paul Black is in the Steven Tyler category of bluesy singing.”


-Music Connection

Regarding Paul’s Rocklahoma reunion show with L.A. Guns, the band “put on the best rock show of any type I’ve seen in a long time. This is what rock bands are supposed to do. Paul leads the crowd through chants of the band’s name. Then he leaps into the crowd. Twice.”

-Steve Kandell, Spin Magazine


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